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  A Journey with a Rookie Writer. 
        Let's enjoy the ride together!

WIP = Works in Progress

Picture books

   Boxy Bob- a day in the life of a box.

   Misfit Mosquito-a mosquito's Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer story.

   Not a Book Girl-a super-hero loving girl who hates to read.

   The Boasting Bagel-a bagel version of the Gingerbread Man.

Rabbit Who Refused to Read-if you won't read the warning signs, watch out!


Middle Grade Manuscripts:

    Quilt Rider-a time travel historical fiction where Landry, via quilts & a diary found in the attic, travels to the 1850's farm life in mid-America and unknowingly befriends her great, great, grandmother.

     Rule of Three-a contemporary realistic fiction of a girl being forced into raising her two brothers, tries to cope with her out-of-control life while unraveling the family secret to explain her parents' bizarre, absentee behavors.

Coming Soon>>>>

Secret Code Keepers: This is a coming of age story set during the Antebellum South Era in Charleston, South Carolina, about secret messages revealed through quilt patterns used to help slaves escape on the Underground Railroad.

(based on the family legacy of Teresa R. Kemp, co-author)

Coming Soon>>>>

School Visits

Author Visits:  

      Anderson Elementary in Union Public Schools

      Ator Elmentary in Owasso Public Schools         

      Jefferson Elementary in Union Public Schools


Story Times:

    Lavendar Bleu Bookstore in Tulsa


School Visits